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Get a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that demonstrates the IoT potential of your business and helps you find a way forward

Step 1. Inspiration

In the first session we have together, we will give you an inspirational introduction to the world of IoT. We will also learn more about your company and your day to day operations directly from you. This will all inform the next step in the process.

Estimated time: 2 hours

It is possible to drop out after this stage at the cost of 3.000 SEK*

Step 2. Workshop

To identify the potential ways IoT can add value to your company, we’ll host a workshop tailored to your needs based on the previous meeting.
Together with you and your co-workers we can identify an MVP that demonstrates how your company can enter the IoT market.

Estimated time: 8 hours

Step 3. MVP Development

MVP stands for minimum viable product and has the core features sufficient to deploy the product. This will minimize risk to build a product that the customer do not want and maximize information the customer needs per dollar spent. In short the MVP is the version of a new product a team uses to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

Estimated time: 30 hours
Total Cost: 43.000 SEK*

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* Prices only applicable for companies in Sweden.
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Getting your company IoT ready


Regardless if it is for reducing costs, creating new opportunities or just for staying in the game, The Internet of Things will touch almost every industry. There are a lot of technologies and solutions to pick from, all requiring big investments in time and competency. We want to change that with an infrastructure that makes this technology familiar and allows you to use your existing resources and expertise.

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Creating common ground


DeviceRadio’s The Grid provides the right conditions for partners to create compatible building blocks, and lowers the technical threshold to IoT development. We are looking for more IoT collaborators within connectivity, connectivity hardware, embedded platforms, IoT platforms, business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence and testing.

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